Vitamin D

A dosage of 500 IU in one injection is suitable for every person as a daily maintenance therapy to prevent vitamin D deficiency in the body. This dosage ensures a daily requirement of vitamin D3 by 125%, which does not exceed the upper acceptable level of consumption.

Ingredients: triglycerides (MCT), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol).

  • Suitable for bariatric patients: no sweeteners and other components that can cause dumping syndrome;
  • MCT oil supports digestion and nutrient absorption. Inhibits the deposition of adipose tissue;
  • Aims to maintain the immune system, promotes increased energy and improve emotional state

Syggested use for adults : take 0.1 ml (1 tap on the dispenser)1 time a day during meals, can be added to food or drinks.

Volume: 30 ml (300 servings)