About the company

InBalance was born in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, surrounded by the headquarters of major chemical corporations, universities and research centers.

The company's goal is to develop special complexes of nutrients that help to improve the quality of life according to human needs.
The company’s philosophy is based on high standards of health care.
When creating our products, we emphasize the naturalness of the components, their compatibility with each other, as well as the use of formulas of raw materials that promote better digestibility. Therefore, having started working with Russian consumers, we have decided on local production in order to maximally avoid adding components that increase the shelf life, preserving the availability of complexes both in cost and speed of delivery.

In the process of development in the Russian market we learned about the existing problem of selection of vitamin and mineral complexes for patients who have undergone bariatric surgery. Together with established experts, we have developed specialized bariatric complexes BariaBalance.
We are carefully listening to the demands of bariatric patients and continue to work on new products developed precisely for them.
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