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Yuri Ivanovich Yashkov
Being a creation of Russian experts, BariaBalance vitamin and mineral supplements contain all the necessary vitamins and trace elements in doses recommended by ASMBS, BOMSS and Russian national clinical recommendations
Specialized bariatric products
Calcium for bariatric patients
  • Calcium citrate form
    Calcium citrate is the form of calcium that has the highest bioavailability possible for calcium. Calcium citrate is accompanied by minimal risk of kidney stones compared to other forms of calcium, and does not cause gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • Soluble form
    The form of effervescent tablets, soluble in water, making it convenient to take calcium
  • Different flavors
BariaBalance Advantages
Balanced composition
Synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals that will ensure the desired effect
High degree of components' bioavailability
Confirmed by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) accredited laboratory research
Vegetarian acid-resistant capsule backed by DR technology (Switzerland)
Optimum release time for all components according to bariatric surgery type

Reduction of digestive side effects

Through the use of organic salts and chelate forms of components that increase digestibility and improve portability
Daily dose divided into morning and evening intake
From 2 to 3 capsules, which composition is based on the interaction between the components of the vitamin and mineral complex
Complex covers most of vitamins, macro and trace elements daily need
Carefully designed for each type of bariatric surgery in line with ASMBS, BOMSS and NCR recommendations
Our experts

Maxim Maximov
Yuri Yashkov
Alexandra Malykhina
Maria Ladygina
Научный сотрудник компании по разработке препаратов, магистр биологии, профиль физиология, биохимия, разработчик витаминных и нутрицевтических комплексов
BariaBalance guarantees

BariaBalance products are manufactured exclusively in FDA certified laboratories with strict quality control. We have concluded a direct contract with LLC "Inbalance" - manufacturer of specialty bariatric products BariaBalance,. to ensure fast delivery directly to the customer. Reliability of delivery and its shortest time are ensured
Certificates and licenses
All BariaBalance complexes have a Certificate of State Registration issued by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) accredited laboratory
Certified contract production (GOST, GMP and ISO) guaranteeing total quality control and strict compliance with all technological requirements and necessary regulations
Carried out by the courier company SDEK at the expense of purchaser.

The price depends on the selected delivery method (the pick-up point or door-to-door) and the location of the buyer.

The price is estimated by the carrier company according to the reduced rates applicable to the legal entity.
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